Rehearsal / Backing Tracks

Jules has many years experience of running amateur and community choirs. The two most common problems he has encountered are:

  1. Helping people learn the notes when they aren’t able to read music.
  2. Performing in concert without an Accompanist, or Directing from the keyboard.

Backing Tracks

Rehearsal Tracks

In order to help his choirs learn songs quicker, and also avoid spending too much time at rehearsals note bashing, Jules produces and records his own rehearsal tracks which can be then uploaded as MP3 files for choir members to download and listen to in their own time.

Jules has a growing library of songs but if you would like a rehearsal or backing track produced for your choir (based on your arrangement) then please contact him.

Backing Tracks

As the majority of rehearsal tracks will include the accompaniment, from this Jules can also produce backing tracks either with just piano accompaniment or in many cases a full orchestral arrangement which can be used in concert situations where you don’t have an accompanist.

How much does it cost?

A 4 part rehearsal track with piano accompaniment of a song lasting approximately 3-4 minutes costs just £35 and will often be delivered to you within 48 hours of receiving a copy of the score. Backing tracks start from around £25 for piano only. Please contact Jules for a quote if you require a fully orchestrated backing track for use with your choir.

Rehearsal Track Examples

Backing Track Examples

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