Elsewhere on this website we have discussed how Jules is involved in Directing Music, Performing Music and Recording Music.  This section of the website, and the pages which link from here are all about Jules’ work as a Music Producer, and show how this work links to the other elements of his musical life.

Music Producer

Jules’ work as a Music Producer is varied and wide ranging. In addition to the specific elements mentioned below and elsewhere on this website, Jules is often in demand to over see recording sessions, advise on performance matters, help to create songs and make adjustments and recommendations as necessary.  As a professional Musician with 15 years experience as an Audio engineer Jules has all the necessary skills to help you create and record the perfect song.


As a Choirmaster working largely with Ladies and Upper Voices, it can sometimes be tricky to find suitable arrangements of songs.  As a result, Jules often makes his own arrangements of songs for typically SSA or SSAA either accompanied or unaccompanied.


This links in with Jules’ recording work with Choirs.  Jules can take a choir recording made with just piano accompaniment and add an entire orchestra, even without the score.  This gives schools and amateur choirs in particular an opportunity to further enhance their recordings and therefore engage with wider audiences.

Backing Tracks / Rehearsal Tracks

This also links closely to his work as a choirmaster. From time to time choirs may find themselves without an accompanist. This is where backing tracks can be a huge benefit as they save the Musical Director from directing from the keyboard, and in many cases can enhance the performance. Jules also works with a number of un-auditioned choirs which include within them a wide range of musical experience.  By recording rehearsal tracks and publishing them it affords choir members who cannot read music the opportunity to learn their line by listening to it in their own time.

Further Information