Combining his Recording work with Studio Production, Jules has been involved with a number of projects combining music and books.   Typically this will be an accompanying CD for a music book or different arrangements for educational publications.

music books

Books with accompanying CDs are fairly commonplace nowadays.  A typical example is a book of music pieces.  The CD will usually serve to illustrate how the music is to be performed.

Performance Illustration for Piano / Single Instrument

The most common use of a CD contained within a music book is to give a recorded performance of each piece.  In the case of graded music examination books this will give pupils the chance to hear the piece they are learning.   For most pupils, hearing a ‘professional’ performance of the music aids their learning and gives them something to work towards.

Performance Illustration for Soloists

In the case of a book for instrument or singer with piano accompaniment the CD can help in a number of ways.   In addition to presenting a ‘performance’ of the piece further tracks could include the accompaniment without the solo line, or perhaps with the solo line not so prominent.  There are any number of ways in which different ‘balances’ of the audio can assist when learning a piece of music.  Where budget allows, Jules’ recordings will always use original instruments to give the best reproduction of the music.

Producing CDs or Digital Downloads

As well as recording the music for you, Jules Addison can assist with CD production. Whether you are looking for a small run of 50 or a larger print run of 10,000 or more books, Jules will be able to provide you with competitive pricing for CD production through his recording company 4 Part Music.  If you wish to make the tracks available as a digital download either alongside or instead of the CD then again Jules can help you by either providing digital files or even a hosting solution to sell / download your tracks.

Case Study – Heather Ward Recorder Music

Heather Ward was a Primary School Teacher in Leeds and Bristol who has worked with and run recorder groups, choirs and children’s orchestras.  Back in 1996 she wrote a recorder course for  young beginners, Franzo Frog and his Friends published by Heinemann.  This book is sadly now out of print and so Heather approached Jules to help with a new series of books for the recorder.

The four new books have all been inspired by children’s enthusiasm for playing music which is relevant to them. Heather made them all child-friendly and tuned in to the needs and likes of the modern primary school child.

  • Blown Away Book 1: Descant Recorder for Beginners
  • Blown Away Book 2: Descant Recorder for Beginners
  • Guinea Pig Gig: Two-Part Songs for Descant Recorders
  • Fairground Fiesta: A Course for Treble Recorder with Songs and Tunes for Descant and Treble Recorders

Recorder BooksYou can find out more about Heather Ward and buy the books from her website.