In 2020, Jules Addison joined with cellist Anne-Marie Humphries to form JAM Duo to perform at weddings and events all over the UK

Jules & Anne-Marie


JAM Duo are a Classical Cello and Piano Duo who perform at weddings and events all over the UK.   Our repertoire is all encompassing from Pachelbel to Coldplay and just about everything in between.


JAM Duo are ideal for your wedding.  Generally we perform during the wedding ceremony and the drinks reception.   The Cello has often been said to most closely match the range of the human voice and so is well suited to a wide range of music.

Wedding Musicians


Here is a short sample of our work.  There are more tracks available on the JAM Duo Website


What’s in a name?

The name JAM Duo is simply a combination of our first name initials J and AM.  There is also of course the play on words referencing Jamming in music – although this is not particularly a musical style we specialise in!

Find out more

You can find out more about JAM Duo by visiting our website