Singing is one of the best ways to motivate & bring your staff together.  It encourages team work and can build confidence and self esteem.  Jules Addison can help you set up and run a Workplace Choir in your organisation either long term or as part of a short term project.


Benefits for your staff
  • Stress relief, relaxation and improved well-being
  • Positive attitude to work and something to look forward to
  • Sense of fun and enjoyment
  • Increased personal confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Promotes sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour
  • Understanding the rewards of hard work
  • A creative outlet to balance work and personal time
Benefits for your business
  • Feeling part of a team
  • Encourages cooperation and builds trust among employees
  • Increased employee fulfilment
  • Meeting new colleagues in a different environment
  • Strong return on a small investment
  • Greater employee retention
  • Better teamwork as a result of collective singing
  • Can contribute towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Opportunity to reward staff
How much does it Cost?

Workplace choirs can either be funded by the organisation, or in some cases the choir members pay a small weekly fee (around £4 a head). To find out more contact Jules on 07855 275353 or send him an email.

Further Information