What makes a good song?

I am always keen to find new music to play with Anne-Marie, at weddings and events when we are out performing as ‘JAM Duo’.  Mostly […]

The Power of Music

This week I received an email.  Specifically it was from my old school in Cranleigh.  Contained therein I was presented with the programme of events […]

Decision by Comittee

A few years ago I found myself in some woods having a picnic with a Vicar, a Churchwarden and an Organist.  This was the highlight […]

Classic FM Hall of Fame 2017

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, Classic FM presented their annual ‘Hall of Fame’.  This is described as the largest poll of the world’s favourite classical music as voted […]

Not making a fuss

This afternoon, a man with a beard went to Brussels to hand over a letter to a Polish chap.  Meanwhile, some woman in the UK said it […]