In many ways, it’s been a curious couple of weeks. Last Sunday at church, the vicar, during his sermon, pulled out a gun, gave it to a small child and she proceeded to shoot her sister!   I hasten to add, it was a toy gun most likely designed for ages 3 upwards and entirely harmless in every possible way!  Ironically I was there in my capacity as organist, the position of which I resigned from 4 months ago.  Technically I’m not the organist, well not officially anyway! Unofficially, who knows?

When I left University with my degree in Music, I didn’t have a particularly clear plan of what I was going to do with it, nor really what I was going to do with life.  The only thing I was clear on (and indeed had been since I was about 10) was that I would always do things my way and would never end up doing a ‘desk job’.  Ironically, nowadays with technology, wifi and social media I suspect working at a desk in an office will soon become a thing of the past.  Briefly after leaving University, however, I did indeed go and work in an office – well sort of.  It was the type of job which came with a company car and the expectation that I would drive around and generate business for the company.  I’m not sure I was very good at generating business but I did drive around a lot and found plenty of time to drink coffee in motorway service stations – back in the late 90s, that seemed to be what sales people did!

After a few years of doing that I decided that I couldn’t be bothered to write a CV and apply for ‘normal jobs’ (is there such a thing?) and rapidly came to the conclusion I was most likely unemployable by anyone other than myself!  I also concluded that swanning around drinking coffee was as good a plan as any, so I started to work on ways in which to include that into a business plan.

20 years later and it seems I have developed a reputation for drinking tea, eating cake and getting choirs to sing about gin!  All of this seems entirely reasonable and a very good foundation upon which to move forward.

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