Apparently 2016 has been designated by the United Nationals General Assembly as the International Year of Pulses, which will be good news for all the vegetarians!  I’m guessing that was a slow day for the UN and no one could think of what to do after lunch. 2016 is also a leap year, which is great news for people who were born on 29 February because finally after 4 years they can celebrate their Birthday! Other key events this year are the Olympics at Rio in August and then in November, Americans will be electing a new monkey to be in charge of the country. Presumably a key part of that persons new role will be deciding whether or not next year can be the International Year of Steak!

As for my choir plans in 2016, they can be best summed up by the short interview I gave on BBC Wiltshire yesterday.  For anyone who missed it you can listen again below.


Jules Addison is Musical Director for The BlueBellesThe Pewsey BellesCirencester Male Voice Choir, Blue Notes & Great Western Harmony.

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