So far in the last week, a 15 year old boy has discovered a new planet and Chris Evans has taken over the reigns at Top Gear.  Apparently the latter was all agreed by text which Chris received at 16.07 yesterday.  This made me consider just what I had been up to recently and I’m ashamed to say that by comparison it’s all probably rather mundane.  However, don’t give up on me just yet.

It’s actually been a pretty good week.  I’ve been asked to take on 2 new choirs – one of which was the result of a discussion on Facebook Messenger.  The other was an enquiry through my website and indeed the first meeting of this new choir, at Wootton Lawns Hospital in Gloucester, will be later on this afternoon.  To be fair, I haven’t yet agreed to take it on and this is merely an informal discussion with the people who are interested in setting up a choir at the Hospital.

Regardless of whether anything comes of that, or the other enquiry, it’s always nice to be asked.  This also suggests I must be doing at least something right when it comes to marketing and promotion.   In fact on that note, I had a phone call earlier from a marketing agency wanting to discuss my latest online campaign for 4 Part Music.   Apparently, this person was promising that, in return for a million pounds, I would become far more visible in the search engines.  At this point I asked the girl where she had found my details.  She replied quickly, oh I found you on Google…..   Maybe I was missing something about her sales pitch…?

Probably the most dramatic thing I have achieved this week is making a couple of my choirs sing in public without the music.  It may not sound like a big deal, but trust me it has sparked a lot of debate amongst choir members.   I’m not going to go into the detail here as it’s not relevant, but I am determined to push this idea through regardless of any potential fall out.  That sounds quite a lot harsher than it’s meant to.  But the point is, nothing in life is easy. And it was shown at a rehearsal last night that actually singing without the music isn’t as hard as people thought.  More over by the end of the rehearsal there was an enormous sense of achievement amongst the choir members. Everyone left the room feeling really upbeat because they had achieved something special.

Chris Evans has also been through some interesting and challenging times. 20 years ago, some people probably thought he would disappear from the public eye.  A lot probably think that Jeremy Clarkson should do that – I’m certainly not opening that can of worms!  However, it’s clear that if you believe in something and work hard, you can achieve anything you want. For anyone who hasn’t heard the news about Top Gear, this is how it happened in Chris’ own words.


Jules Addison is Musical Director for The BlueBellesThe Pewsey BellesCirencester Male Voice Choir, The GWH Trust Choir and Transeamus Chamber Choir


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