I know to many people reading this it may seem like I start new choirs on a weekly basis. This isn’t strictly true – I only have 6 choirs that I run currently and I’m probably at the point where I won’t be starting any more for a while as I now have the right balance.

This latest choir is a workplace choir at Sirona Care and Health in Bath. It started with a recommendation from my friend Jo who works at Sirona. She sent me a message on Facebook to say she had seen a notice at work advertising for someone to start a choir. I think originally Sirona were hoping someone internal would take up the challenge.   With nothing to lose I made a couple of calls and agreed to take a rehearsal on Wednesday lunchtimes.

At the first gathering we had 11 singers – I think a lot were enticed by the promise of chocolates and biscuits!  Nevertheless in just 45 minutes they’d learnt a whole song even with some 2 part harmony going on in places!  This gave me, and hopefully them, the inspiration needed and already I think we have the makings of a really good choir.  The choir has only been going 2 weeks so far and is the usually unbalanced group of 95% women versus 1 poor chap on his own!

It was announced in the first week, that the plan is to go and sing at some of Sirona’s care homes before Christmas.  But, I’m always up for a challenge. Currently the choir is learning a new song each week so I’m quite sure they will be fab!  And anyway, providing there are chocolates every week….

About Sirona Care & Health CIC

Sirona Care & Health Community Interest Company (CIC) was created in October 2011 as an independent non-profit distributing organisation providing publicly-funded health and social care services.  It was formed by the local Primary Care Trust and Council to ensure the delivery of high quality health and social care services that are easy for people to use and are delivered in a way that makes sense to local people.

Workplace Choirs

Singing at work is all the rage and there are probably more choirs in offices than ever before.  I’ve started a number of workplace choirs over the past few years, and I don’t mind saying that some have been more successful than others. The key to a successful choir is firstly getting good numbers and then making sure you run the choir at a time which will get the most attendance.  Usually a lunchtime works best and I’m always surprised at how many people don’t mind giving up their lunch break to sing.

First thing in the morning is never a good time to sing and if you try and hold sessions after work, people are often just tempted to go home!  That said my choir at the GWH rehearses at 5pm and this doesn’t seem to put many people off – then again being a hospital this also attracts people who are perhaps just starting a later shift too.

Benefits of Singing at Work

Singing has numerous positive benefits and can help to create a workforce that is:

  • Healthier
  • Happier
  • More confident
  • Less stressed
  • More productive
  • More connected

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