Singing is a natural art form, where you use your vocal chords to express yourself. It’s an inborn, natural musical instrument that every human is gifted with. All you need is a sense of tonality and rhythm, for it to show up. The majority of people who don’t sing in choirs, claim they ‘can’t sing’. In a lot of cases this is complete nonsense and I’m quite sure those same people sing in the shower, or in the car on the way to work or at home when everyone else is out!

1. Singing helps you make new friends

Whether you are a solo singer or in a choir of hundreds, singing is all about performing with other people.  Singing is a great social activity and perfect for communities to bond with each other.  A lot choirs are made up of individuals who otherwise would never have met.  Even workplace choirs in large organisations are full of people who have never met before despite working in the same building!

2. Great for relieving stress

If you’ve had a bad day, singing is a great cure.  Singing can make you ‘be in the moment’, helping you forget all else. You forget all your worries and sorrow. You forget the world, you forget yourself! It can help reduce fear, hopelessness, anxiety, depression and insecurity. All negative emotions that pull you down will be gone in seconds if you sing! It is nature’s way of helping you feel good.

3. Healing effects

It’s commonly said that singing is good for your health.  This is due in part to the chemicals released by the brain when you sing. Singing can often be therapeutic and will help to improve your mood no matter what else is going on in your life.  I don’t think it’s possible to sing and be in a bad mood!

4. Singing makes you creative

Singing, like any other art form is about being creative.  Regardless of whether you are singing a solo or singing in a choir, there are always numerous different ways to sing a song.  Even within a choir you have the opportunity to be creative. It’s all about trying to blend with the others around you even if you are all following the same dynamic instruction for example.  As a creative art form, Singing is all about finding new ways to express yourself.

5. Singing is good for your memory

Using music and singing as tools for better memory is not a new idea. With very little effort, you remember the lyrics and  you also soon remember the notes and the rhythms.  All this involves the use of memory, involuntarily. So the more songs you sing and ‘learn’ the more your memory improves. Music helps us remember better, and also more easily. This is especially true with children. There are studies which aim to show how singing can also help patients with Dementia.

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