This week, I was formally appointed as the Musical Director of the Cirencester Male Voice Choir.  This will be the first Male Voice Choir I have had the pleasure of working with as musical director and I am really looking forward to the challenge.

It looks like being an exciting time for the choir as they appear to have lots of plans to implement over the next few years.   From my perspective this is very much part of the challenge and it will be refreshing to work with a choir which has ambitions.        It’s obviously still early days – I have yet to actually lead a rehearsal, other than my audition a few weeks ago. But the discussions that have already been had sound very positive.

From what I have seen already, the choir has a proper structure in place with key members taking on various important roles. See my earlier discussion on who does what in a choir.  For development of a choir this is extremely important.  Not only do you need the right people in the right role, but it needs to be clear who does what and why!

Obviously I still have to pass a short ‘probation’ period as their new Choirmaster but all being well I am hoping to be involved with the choir for a good number of years to come.

Cirencester MVC
Cirencester MVC outside the Albert Hall, London

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