I’ve always felt that life without ambition would be very dull.  Ambition takes many forms.  For some it is to climb the corporate ladder and earn more money. For others it might be to overcome a fear.  For me, ambition usually involves putting on some kind of musical event or being involved in a challenging performance.   On this occasion the ambition was on behalf of my ladies choir, The Pewsey Belles.  Back in January they performed their first ever “solo” concert.  As it went extremely well, I decided to do another one with a similar programme but to a different audience.

This time we went to Amesbury Abbey in Wiltshire and sang a 2 hour programme which was made up of songs sung by the whole choir a few numbers from the Bellettes (ladies barbershop) as well as some solo items and a fabulous trio singing Mozart’s Laudate Dominum.  The concert proved once again that you don’t need professional singers to create a fantastic choir.    The ladies all worked really hard and their dedication and commitment to learning the music clearly showed on the night and resulted in a standing ovation at the end.

The programme included:

  • I Dreamed a Dream (full choir)
  • Can you feel the love tonight (full choir unaccompanied)
  • Somewhere Only We Know (solo)
  • You Make me Feel your Love (with opening solo)
  • Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (barbershop group)

And much more….

To find out more about the Pewsey Belles, you can visit their website.



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