I’m not usually one for making new years resolutions – mostly because when I do, I never actually stick to them!  This is often because they are entirely unrealistic and usually the sort of thing which I think I should do, rather than something I actually can do or in some cases want to do.

I confess that in previous years I have been in that club of people who, come January 1st, go and sign up for gym membership. Following the commitment to spending £50 a month which is set up in such a way you can never stop paying it, you then go and spend 5 times that buying all the kit which you feel is necessary to have a fulfilling experience in the gym.   Day 1 you go and meet a personal trainer who puts together “The Plan”. Of course the plan is entirely impossible to follow because it is largely based on the pack of lies you told in order to avoid looking as lazy and unfit as you apparently are.  ‘Yes of course I walk at least 5 miles every day and I always eat healthily and have a fitness routine I follow at home each morning….’

I think about 3 years ago, I actually made it as far as March in terms of a reasonably regular commitment to the gym (having started in January obviously!).  Last year, my great idea for keeping fit was to purchase a bicycle.  I still think this is a great way to keep fit and having owned said bicycle for around 9 months now I can report the little computer on it says that I have covered a staggering 23 miles in that period.  It will come as no surprise to learn that one of my great ideas for a New Years Resolution for 2014 was to actually use my bicycle slightly more.  Being realistic with my over ambition in previous years I could set the rather feeble task of cycling twice as far this year as I did last year.   You may mock, but actually if I follow that principle every year for the next ten years, then by 2024 I will have to cycle 47,104 miles….

Ok, so that’s not going to happen.  The trouble is I still feel obliged to come up with some sort of resolution for the New Year.  My wife has come up with the resolution of having more dinner parties, which I think is an excellent idea and one which stands a good chance of lasting the year!   So now I need to come up with some idea of my own.  I could just say I will try to do everything I did last year a little bit better, but lets face it, that’s a bit of a cop out. And besides, last year was a damn good year for many reasons so again that’s not got the greatest chance of success!

I’ve already got several new choirs which I will be involved in during the course of 2014 so I’m not sure theres much of a resolution to be made there. In addition to my work with 4 Part Music carrying out recordings for schools and choirs I am now also the Business Manager for AirSight Ltd.  This is a new venture set up in conduction with my good friend and business associate Robert Durrant.  Having been involved in the film industry for the last couple of years, we are expanding our services to include aerial filming and photography.  For this purpose the business has invested significantly in an OctoCopter and various other “toys” in order to launch this company next week.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine, and whilst I have no intention of becoming a professional camera operator at this stage, I am keen to see how this business will develop and at least be involved from a business perspective.  If it means I get to go out and take more pictures then that’s always a bonus.

So on the basis of now running 4 choirs, 2 companies, and being a part time organist at Christ Church in Bath (at least for a few months anyway), I have decided my New Years Resolution is to do less.  I work for myself in order to find a work / life balance which I am happy with (that and the fact that I am ultimately unemployable by anyone else).  And so alongside my busy working life, my plan is to try and be more efficient so I can also spend more time with my wife and daughter doing the things which matter to us.  Whatever you choose to do this year I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2014.



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