For most of this week I have been recording location sound for a film / drama shoot in Bath along with Robert Durrant.   I can’t say too much about the film at this stage suffice to say it is being shot on location around Bath and features a number of professional actors and actresses.  The original brief was to come along all week and provide professional recording in the form of a sound recordist and boom op along with the supply of Lav mic’s to capture dialogue on wide shots or situations where the boom wouldn’t work.

Due to the nature of the shoot much of the sound is being captured either by Lav mics / body packs or with a single boom. Working with Robert this has left me potentially with a lot of time not doing anything other than on day 1 holding an umbrella over the kit. As such to be useful I offered to take some still’s which could perhaps be used for promotional purposes.   Whilst this is not currently part of our business plan, I have always had a keen interest in photography and therefore was glad of the chance to take some pictures without the pressure of being the ‘official’ photographer.   That said, as with anything, if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Then on Tuesday we were shooting a church service as part of the film and the Director had bought along a CD of “organ music” to provide backing for the hymn.   Well, seeing as the church had an organ which was perfectly useable it seemed only fair to offer my services as an organist.  Although I was only half serious the Director thought this was a great idea so I ended up being in the film as an extra.

Below are a few of my photos from the shoot thus far.

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