Last weekend I found myself at Bournemouth beach on what was quite possibly the hottest Saturday of the year.  This seems entirely reasonable and hardly worth a blog post.  Until that is you factor in that I arrived on the beach just before 6am as the sun was rising and stayed there until the sun had just set behind Canford Cliffs. Factor in also, that I’m not one for sitting around on a beach. I get bored instantly!

I was in fact not there to absorb the sun or enjoy a stroll along the promenade with an ice cream but actually part of the sound crew for a short film called “Better than Yours”.   Working in partnership with Robert Durrant we essentially formed the Sound team for this location filming.  As usual with all our partnerships, Robert looks after the technology. This meant, I got the job of holding the boom…..

The picture above was taken fairly early on day 1, before I had discovered that a carbon fibre pole seems to get heavier the longer you have to hold it above actors heads in order to capture the dialogue.

We had a great time working with a crew mostly from Red Bee Media.  The film is a personal project of Radek Charun, who was Directing and was shot over two days in the Canford Cliffs area of Bournemouth Beach.  It will be interesting to see how they get round the quite dramatic changes in weather between the Saturday which was boiling hot bright sunshine and the Sunday afternoon which was overcast, cold and damp!

recording on location at Bournemouth
On location


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