I have long believed that schools should be given access to make professional recordings which is why I devote so much of my time when working with 4 Part Music to recording in schools.  Traditionally school choirs have been stuck with recording alongside their school piano, which may or may not be a Steinway Concert Grand!

Therefore to make things better I have started adding orchestration to our school recordings to enhance them and hopefully give the schools even more opportunity to raise money from CD sales and enhance the experience they gain from doing a recording.

To illustrate this I have put below a before and after taking from a recent recording.  The first track is the original recording done in the school hall with an electric piano.  The later is my orchestration of the same track.

[mp3-jplayer tracks="So Lately - Original with Piano Accompaniment@SoLatelyPiano.mp3, So Lately - with added orchestration@SoLatelyFull.mp3"]

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