treble recorder
Treble Recorder

Over the last few weeks I have been working with Heather Ward on a new music educational book she is putting together to help children learn the treble recorder. Aimed primarily at younger children who are just starting out with the instrument the book has been designed to make learning fun and interactive.

Heather has written three recorder parts, 2 descant plus treble along with a basic piano accompaniment.  My job is to create a CD which can be included with the book when it is published.  The first stage of this was to re create the piano accompaniment. Then for each piece within the book I have added instrumentation to bring out the individual character of each and to create something which will be of value to the pupils as they use the resource.

Having produced the first draft of the CD, the next stage is to take this to some schools to get their opinion on it as well as approaching some publishers for input.

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