It hasn’t escaped my notice that we have had a bit snow in the last 24 hours.  Down here in Corsham we had about an inch, and as I write now, most of it seems to have melted and disappeared.  This definitely seems to be more of a regular occurrence than it used to be.  The last 2 or 3 years we seem to have had a regular bout of snow around this time of year. And yet, before that, certainly down here in the South, I’m sure several years went by without any snow fall at all.

Snow in the UK
Snow falling in the UK


I’m no expert in meteorology so won’t even begin to try and explain why this might be otherwise this will end up as some tedious discussion about global warming, melting polar ice caps and the troubles faced by polar bears needing sunscreen.  However, I admit I sometimes get a bit bah-humbug when snow starts to appear as it does have a tendency to disrupt everything.  This morning for example I should have been playing the organ at the Magdalen Chapel in Bath but the service was cancelled last night due to the snow fall.  As it turns out, this morning the snow wasn’t too bad but I suppose a decision had to be made in good time in order to inform people of the cancellation.

Luckily the majority of my work is done in a nice warm studio and even if I am involved in a location recording for 4 Part Music, the only interaction with the weather is the actual travelling part.  I’d like to think that we are getting better at coping with these more extreme conditions and, although possibly because the snow fall hasnt been that severe yet, so far this year it seems that we are managing reasonably well.  That said I am only looking out on my small corner of England and the news did mention cars getting stuck on motorways elsewhere.

Hopefully in a few days the snow will melt and we will all be back to normal and everyone will no doubt wonder what all the fuss was about.

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